Zodiakos Studio Sea Dragon-Kanon 1/6 Scale Statue

The evil backstage manipulator, the return of the prodigal son.The first part of the Marina series- “General of the North Atlantic Sea – Sea Dragon Kanon”by Zodiakos Studio.He used to be Gold Saint of Gemini, the later general of the North Atlantic Ocean, a twin brother of Pope Saga, warriors with prodigal sons returning. the initiator of Poseidon’s cleansing of mankind, and the atoning hero who perishes together with Radamandis.He is Kanon.He used to be Gold Saint of Gemini, a twin brother of Saga. Saga was raised by the good god, while Kanon always treated coldly because of his bad behaviors, so he holds the grudge to Athena. He was ambitious and wanted to rule the world.He often instigated Saga to do evil, and finally was imprisoned in a water prison under the cape of Slio by Saga, who became pope later.Kanon almost died in the ebb and flow of the tide several times. One day, he suddenly found a ray of light in the depths of the prison and found the place where Athena sealed the trident of the Poseidon.Kanon untied the seal and pulled out the trident, entered the Undersea Temple and awakened the Poseidon.Neptune Poseidon slept again after choosing Julien Solo as his substitute after 13 years. Kanon began to summon mariners and generals as the Sea Dragon.The first part of the Marina series- “General of the North Atlantic Sea – Sea Dragon Kanon”by Zodiakos Studio.A man of both justice and evil, a gold saint when he was a general.
Product Information:
License: Masami Kurumada
Product Name: Sea Dragon-Kanon
Product Scale & Type: 1/6 Scale Statue
Product Size:
.Height: 41cm | Width: 34cm | Depth: 34cm
Alternative left arm
Alternative portrait
Retail price: 650 USD
Deposit: 255 USD
Materials: Polystone, PU, ABS
ETD: Q3,2023
Preorder on 01st.Feb.,2023 PM7:00(CN)
(European time: 12:00)
Prototype samples are shown, so please note the final product specifications may differ because each product is hand-made.
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