Tik ka From East x ZCWO GUAN Antique Edition Limited 100 Pcs. Worldwide

19,900.00 ฿

Re-writing the history books once again is Hong Kong artist Tik Ka From East! Last year we saw the debut of the Trend Series with the 關 Guan Plaster Edition 潮流 powered by the folks at ZCWO which was the first creation from the new series《潮流 Trend》Guan Yu was destined to wear souvenir jacket and sneakers, HA. From ancient to the present, humanity, virtue and sentiment will last forever regardless of the historical or the present time. 《關 Guan》Vinyl Figure restores the appearance of the works with fine sculptural quality. Judging from the photos, ZCWO has done a great job of interpreting Tik Ka’s signature style into vinyl art collectable. Who would have thought Guan Yu could turn from Han dynasty military general into a hypebeast? Tik Ka did, HA. Look at all the homages to brands and hypebeast styling! Will all the little hypebeasts bow down and worship him. NOW coming in this Antique edition. Those who missed out on the SOLD OUT OG 關 Guan Plaster Edition will have a chance to own this Antique edition.

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