Prime1 Studio MMTSS-02 Peacemaker (The Suicide Squad)

Prime1 Studio MMTSS-02 Peacemaker (The Suicide Squad)
☑️☑️ ราคาจอง: 46,800 บาท ☑️☑️
💸💸 มัดจำ: 14,000 บาท 💸💸
💳💳 หรือผ่อน 0% – 10 เดือน ตามลิงค์นี้ 💳💳
🚫🚫 วันปิดจอง: 20 มีนาคม 2565 🚫🚫
📦📦 กำหนดวางจำหน่าย : Q1/2566 📦📦
แบรนด์ : Prime1 Studio
Scale : 1/3 [H:78.8cm W:45cm D:34.6cm]
IG: ToysDD
Line: @ToysDD
Tel: 062-5454887
“I cherish Peace with all my heart. I don’t care how many men, women, and children I need to kill to get it.”
Prime 1 Studio is absolutely pumped to present a fine addition to the 1:3 Scale Museum Masterline Series: MMTSS-02S PEACEMAKER BONUS VERSION from THE SUICIDE SQUAD!
Bask in the glory of this 31-inch-tall Peacemaker statue. Chris Smith is a paragon of Peace in this newest release from Prime 1 Studio. In collaboration with Blitzway, Prime 1 Studio is proud to reveal our version of Peacemaker from last year’s highly successful The Suicide Squad film.
Blitzway’s artists have brought this statue to life with a marvelous likeness, crisp sculpting, and screen-accurate color! Peacemaker’s costume is true-to-form with all of its faithful interpretations of the textures of his uniform, the sleek, metallic gleam of his helmet, and the vivid coloring of everything he wears. Finally, John Cena’s portrait is picture-perfect, as only he can appreciate! Peacemaker stands on a base excitingly reminiscent of the Jotunheim tower laboratory that he fought Rick Flagg in!
Peacemaker comes with two (2) swappable left arms: one holding his Dove of Peace Tomahawk, and the other, his Dove of Peace Sword. And it also comes with two (2) swappable right hands: one pointing direction, and the other, his long-barreled pistol. That’s not all; when you pre-order this Bonus Version from our official online store or any authorized distributor, you will receive a cool, extra Bonus Part: Peacemaker’s own Starro on it’s own base.
Make sure you Pre-Order in time, so you have a bona fide Peacemaker statue to celebrate his hilarious, new show on HBO Max!
– The Suicide Squad-themed base
– Two (2) Swappable Right Hands (Pointing direction, long-barreled pistol)
– Two (2) Swappable Left Hands (holding Dove of Peace Sword & Tomahawk)
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